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Additional Services offered include...

Wound Care Services
  • Wound provider visits clients weekly and performs wound treatments at the bedside

  • Complete wound assessment performed during visit by licensed wound consultants including: measuring, staging, coding, assessment, documentation, removal of non-viable tissue, and recommendations/orders

Podiatry Services
  • Evaluation of all patients through a comprehensive examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all foot problems
  • Follow-up service for continuity of care
  • On-call service for consultation and treatment of acute foot problems
  • Wound care management
  • Diabetic shoe therapy
  • Surgical consultations
  • Peer reviews of podiatrists
  • Quality assurance/Infection control program
  • Utilization reviews
Transportation Services

West Vue provides transportation services to our residents for  hospital transports, Dr. appointments, shopping and social events.

Pharmacy Services

Our consultant pharmacists visit each facility to review each resident’s medication regimen. This service is to ensure that all medications are being used appropriately and that they are properly administered to prevent the potential for dangerous medication interactions and eliminate unnecessary or duplicate medications. Also, the consultant pharmacist participates in the facility’s quality assurance and care plan meetings to offer recommendations relating to medication utilization that can improve the quality of life and reduce costs for the residents and facility through appropriate medication therapy.

Dental Services

West Vue staff are available to find proper resources for any dental service needs.

Lab Services
  • Routine collection rounds are scheduled to be sensitive to both patient convenience and workflow needs of the client facility

  • "Stat" collections and expedited testing are available when needed

Hospice Services
  • Hospice Services in our community support people by providing end-of-life care when the patient’s condition is considered terminal and the patient is no longer receiving curative treatment. A terminal diagnosis is defined as the patient having six months or less to live if the condition runs its normal course.

  • Works with patients to manage pain and symptoms so that their remaining time may be spent in peace and dignity

  • Dedicated to quality of life, hospice offers a support system of professional staff and volunteers who assist the patient and their family in meeting their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs

  • Stresses the importance of human needs that go beyond the physical care of the patient. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death; hospice affirms life and regards dying as a normal process


Beauty Shop Services
  • Haircut/Shampoo/Set

  • Haircut/Style

  • Style after Shower

  • Shampoo/Set

  • Female/Male Haircut

  • Permanent (includes shampoo, cut, & style)

  • Color (includes shampoo, cut & style)

  • Color (includes shampoo & style)

X-Ray Services
  • Superior quality diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound and EKG services

  • Digital 4D ultrasound

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