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Pleasant Valley Manor Activities


Pleasant Valley Manor has a wide variety of activities for the residents. Wellness activities include fitness and exercise, Golden Strollers walking club, and gardening. Spiritual activities include church worship services on three Sunday afternoons a month and Bible studies conducted every Thursday and Saturday.

Other activities include but are not limited to games, cards, Wii bowling, bingo, and brain aerobics. Also included is the beauty shop and manicures/pedicures. Pleasant Valley Manor has weekly pet therapy allowing residents to interact with pets as well.

Monthly Birthday parties are held for residents whose birthdays are during each month and social events are held at various times throughout the year such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th, etc.


Volunteers are always welcome to join in and/or assist with our activities. To volunteer, please contact Pleasant Valley Manor at (417) 257-0179 or by email at


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