A Project to Revolutionize Skilled-Nursing Care



West Vue has always been a leader in providing care and

comfort for the elders of our community. The next step in

our progress is an exciting new concept called the THE


The Green House concept is a national model for skilled-

nursing care that returns control, dignity and a sense of

well-being to elders, their families and direct care staff.

West Vue Green House Homes are owned and operated

by West Vue, Inc. and are affiliated with the larger

national organization to hold us accountable to their high


Green House homes are designed to look and feel like home:

warm, cozy and inviting. Everything in our houses looks like it belongs in a home, not an institution.

There are no nurse stations, no medication carts, no long hallways and no institutional appearance.

Each of the three houses have 10 private bedrooms all with their own bathrooms. In the middle of each house there is a living area which includes a hearth, a dining room and a traditional, open kitchen where home-cooked meals are prepared by caregivers, sometimes with help from the elders.


The caregivers are one of the reasons this project is unique. They each receive a minimum of 128 hours of specialized education to support the elders. The extra training helps insure that the elders "are the stars of the show.” They have freedom to set their own routines, including the ability to sleep and eat on their own schedules. A family atmosphere is central to the concept.

West Vue Green House Homes provide personalized care that feels as close to living in your own home as possible, at approximately the same cost as a private room in a traditional nursing home. Private, Medicaid and Medicare methods of payment are accepted. 


Why Call Them Green House Homes?

The name might suggest a particular connection to gardening or plants, but there is only an indirect association even if it is an important one. The name was chosen by founders of the organization to reflect the idea that it is a fresh approach to elder care which supports growth through meaningful interactions with life-enhancing natural resources, such as plants, natural light, and therapeutic outdoor spaces. 

This radical departure from the traditional long-term care model helps support West Vue's goal to provide new choices in the desire to lead more full, independent and meaningful lives.

For more information about The Green House movement visit the organization's website, thegreenhouseproject.org.

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