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Pleasant Valley Village

Pleasant Valley Village is the most established and recognized retirement community in south-central Missouri. As an independent living environment, this gives you the comfort of a home setting, freedom, and amenities of living in your own home without the worries and hassle of maintenance and upkeep. You have more time to do the things that you enjoy and look forward to.


At Pleasant Valley, we hope that you find a warm, comfortable, and inviting lifestyle. Our staff members are dedicated to meeting your needs in the Pleasant Valley Community.


Many Village retirees discover greater freedom, increased independence, and time to enjoy an active lifestyle with greater flexibility for hobbies, families, and friends.


Of course, the best feature of our retirement community is the people who live here. Most are life-long residents of the Ozarks or those who decide to "move back home" after retirement. One thing is certain, you are sure to find a warm, friendly neighbor who will make you feel right at home!

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