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Admission Information

Our goal is to have smooth and perfect transitions every time.


The Admissions Coordinator:


  • Prepares families for transition/admission

  • Assists the hospital in communicating with the family

  • Schedules transportation between hospital and community

  • Prepares staff with medical equipment, preferences, goals, and medical information

  • Verifies prescriptions on-site

  • Schedules admission day therapy evaluations

  • Provides your family with financial education

  • Extensive coordination with the hospital before hospital discharge

Person-Centered Care


West Vue provides person-centered care in a home-like

environment. Our approach is to honor each resident's

individual personality, past experiences, habits, and customs and incorporate them into each resident's daily life.



What to Expect During Admission

  Information that will be covered during admission includes:


  • Information Exchange - Personal: Contact names & numbers, Personal routines; Legal: Guardianship, Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced directives

  • Financial Planning - Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and HMOs

  • Discharge Planning - Present/Future goals, Home Health, Home renovations/DME

  • Facility Tour



  For more information, please contact our Social Services Office at 417-256-2152 or email

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