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Just Like Home...


A bright smile, warm handshake and pleasant conversation await you at West Vue Apartments. Here you'll find folks just like you - new friends, with whom you can share a song, a sewing circle, or a whopping fish story. West Vue Apartments, a place to call home...a place to belong.

West Vue Apartments


Located at 907 Kentucky Street, West Vue Apartments operate as a HUD section 202/8 housing

program and was designed for the retired or disabled adult who qualifies for rent assistance

from the Housing Assistance Program.


Additional Amenities & Service


At West Vue, there are plenty of amenities. Visit our lounge for social gatherings and recreation,

join an exercise group or check out a book from our library. There is no need to worry about getting

your hair done or doing your laundry; we have a laundromat, beauty salon, and barber services!

For those who need it, noon meals can be delivered right to your door. Also, we provide health

monitoring, and our emergency call response service makes sure you are always able to get the help you require. And if you ever need skilled care or rehabilitation, rest assured that West Vue's continuum of care program will give you the help you need. Should you need to check into one of our other facilities, you will be given priority status. No hassles. No worries. At West Vue, we're prepared to provide for your needs, whatever they may be.

"Don't see yourself as old and getting older. Live youthfully

 now - and always."  - Norman Vincent Peale

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